Aperspectival photography and imagery

Harry van der Velde pointed me to Spiralized, a cool and clean introduction to Spiral Dynamics. Next, click Basics, then click on the yellow part of the spiral, only to find that network art like Toogle and—Wolfram-based—aperspectival photography and images are considered “yellow” imagery. Exciting. Makes The Nature Of Order more whole.

Fundamental Research of Matter -> Fields

multimodefiber-farfield.jpgTook my daughter Tamar to the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics ‘Rijnhuizen’ for a school excursion. FOM is one of the research institutes of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter.

I was welcomed by Amy Shumack (native Australian and excellent Dutch tongue) and I asked her what matter actually is. So we talked about extremely compressed energy and Einstein’s famous E=mc2, relating one to the other.

Amy told me that they’re building a huge nuclear fusion plant—ITER—in France for tests. Current yield of nuclear fusion is about 0.6. Amy is confident that one day we’ll have abundant and clean energy from nuclear fusion processes.

Wondered if there is any Fundamental Research on Fields (like the Akashic and Zero Point Field), she referred me to Eric Eliel and G. Nienhuis at the Quantum Optics and Quantum Information group at Leiden University.

Can’t wait to get in touch with them and open a dialog on topics like the A-field and quantum computing.

Cheetah boosts business educational publishers

Since Cheetah will have a serious game engine powering the friendliness and educational aspects as well as a peer-to-peer infrastructure, it can fuel the connection between young professionals and their future clients in the field of pregnant diabetics.

Cheetah fulfills both an educational and a social purpose. An excellent opportunity for educational publishers to innovate and secure a new strategic market position.

This, in turn, allows publishers of educational material—having a hard time competing with all the “free” information available on the net—to innovate and tap into a fresh revenue stream.

Professional publishers invest heavily in structuring, editing and formatting training material so it is tuned to specific real life situations. The quality of training material is key. On the net, you’re not sure of the quality, not even in Wikipedia. Publishing houses with a good reputation have their added value, or they would not exist.

The internet is both a threat and an opportunity. A threat because there ‘s so much information available. An opportunity because it enables new ways to involve both authors, trainers, publishers, trainees, and their future clients to collaborate in unforeseen ways to co-create effective new training material.

Of course you know that training helps to close the skills gap and to get, keep and grow talent.

Integral Architecture—The Timeless Way of Building

You’re cordially invited to attend the CHE Salon on Integral Architecture, inspired by Christopher Alexander’s The Timeless Way of Building and The Nature of Order.

May 11, Centrum Venwoude, Lage Vuursche. Free for friends of CHE.

Succes en plezier


A productive Cheetah day

Another productive Cheetah day. Cheetah 0.0.5 saw the light of day. Platform is ready and software update works fine. Launching Cheetah still takes too long, though. Seems like something needs looked into under the hood.

Created first versions of the chaordic Cheetah Principles, Practices and Participants, still open for dialog, embellishment, and completion.

Opened the first list of potential Cheetah Participants. Others are free to join in the evolvement of Cheetah.

The first draft of Release and Version Numbering created some dialog will take a few iterations to finalize.

Had Giel over to sync up on Cheetah’s functional and interactions design. Dig into Giel’s blog on week 9 and week 10 for more.

Wiki’d the Conscious Company eXchange (CCX) edited by Aafke.

And Chris refers me to the book called Maverick by Semler, on a new way of working, compensation, and rewards.

Succes en plezier, Martien.

Cheetah User Manual in a Wiki

Converted the Cheetah User Manual from Pages to our online Wiki:

  • Everyone can read, comment and contribute.
  • Even lighter than the PDF we had before.
  • You can see the diffs between versions (fulfilling Chris’ wish)
  • Answered Durk’s questions from last week. See Cheetah as your personal assistant
  • Restructured the manual into a more logical flow and hierarchy.