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A productive Cheetah day

Another productive Cheetah day. Cheetah 0.0.5 saw the light of day. Platform is ready and software update works fine. Launching Cheetah still takes too long, though. Seems like something needs looked into under the hood.

Created first versions of the chaordic Cheetah Principles, Practices and Participants, still open for dialog, embellishment, and completion.

Opened the first list of potential Cheetah Participants. Others are free to join in the evolvement of Cheetah.

The first draft of Release and Version Numbering created some dialog will take a few iterations to finalize.

Had Giel over to sync up on Cheetah’s functional and interactions design. Dig into Giel’s blog on week 9 and week 10 for more.

Wiki’d the Conscious Company eXchange (CCX) edited by Aafke.

And Chris refers me to the book called Maverick by Semler, on a new way of working, compensation, and rewards.

Succes en plezier, Martien.

By Martien van Steenbergen

Martien is a Visioneer and touched by software.
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