Parachute Game

We started the morning with a parachute game.

Stolen with consent from Lachlan Heasman

Start at ground level, hold it over your head and do three steps forward. Next, sit on it. There it is, a parachute mushroom.

Parachute Game: Mushroom (photo stolen with consent from Lachlan Heasman)

ScrumPLoP Sunset

First day. Saturday, April 30. Queens Day in The Netherlands. Spotless blue sky. Arrived an hour late due to the diesel train to Tisvildeleje waiting for an hour on Hillerød station. Anyway, the trip was wonderful, as was nature.

Warm reception when I finally arrived at Helenekilde Badehotel, almost at the end of the world. Dinner was fine. The wine was too. The company even more so. We hat a great time and good laughs.

Sunset was awesome.

Tisvildeleje seems to be the end of the world…