Keep the joint running

Picture tweeted by David J. Anderson made me look it up. I like it.

  1. There are no best practices, only practices that fit best.
  2. To optimize the whole you must sub-optimize the parts.
  3. Bad metrics are worse than no metrics.
  4. Relationships precede process.
  5. Relationships outlive transactions.
  6. Don’t confuse documentation with reality.
  7. Before you can be strategic you have to be competent.
  8. Big solutions that work start as small solutions that work.
  9. Customers are external. Internal customers aren’t.
  10. Don’t run IT as a business, run it in a business like way.
  11. There are no IT projects.
  12. Digest with intestines, think with brain.
  13. Every employee is irreplaceable.

Keep the Joint Running—A Manifesto for 21st Century Information Technology

Author: Martien van Steenbergen

Martien is a Visioneer and touched by software.
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