LiveJournal Creator Maps the Long Road to Open Social Networks

LiveJournal Creator Maps the Long Road to Open Social Networks: “People are growing weary of registering and re-declaring their friends on every new social networking site. But Brad Fitzpatrick, creator of LiveJournal and OpenID, says that the tools to build a decentralized social network don’t yet exist. (Source: Wired)

Wow. About time. Since long I cherish the desire for a scale-free distributed social network. Both Campfire and Cheetah work in that direction, the latter for diabetics.

When will we have opened up our databases so you can update your personal information in a single action and everyone you want to are up to date too?

Talk about trust. Armillaria can help to grow a fully distributed social reputation system to do just that. The Wizard Rabbit Treasurer tells a small story of how this might work for the underlying data.

Love to work on a project like this. I’ll keep an eye on

(Via [“>Wired News].)

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