ScriptCloud for your tag cloud

Browsing visual text analysis led me to Visualizations Sets Information Free which in turn made me stumble over ScriptCloud lets you create content clouds (like a tag cloud) from your screenplay.

ScriptCloud logo If a tag cloud means nothing to you, check out the FAQs to find out more. Scriptcloud is intended for screenplays but you can upload any kind of text file.

And so I did. Picked my CV, saved as plain text and fed it ti Scriptcloud. The result is obvious. Too bad you can’t click on the tags.

TagCrowd is another interesting similar tool.

Want this to work at (subsets of) my wiki or forum; and select my own font; and set the rectangular area to render it in; and have it as a plug-in or extension to any CMS.

Author: Martien van Steenbergen

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