Shift in action

Het Institute of Noetic Sciences heeft een prachtige website met vele nieuwe inzichten en baanbrekend werk klaargezet op Shift in Action.

Tot eind 2007 staan daar vele artikelen, videos en podcasts om niet beschikbaar. Eat your heart out.

Met een paar verhelderende en prettig verstorende video’s van Deepak Chopra.

  1. The Definition and Source of Consciousness.
  2. The Simultaneity of Consciousness.
  3. Discontinuity of the Universe.

Consciousness matters. Thoughts become things™. Consiousness is the phenomenon. Everything else is epiphenomenon.

Some notes from Deepak Chopra’s talk on consciousness:

  • Another word for God: field of awareness which is “a-causal, non-local, quantum-mechanical interrelatedness” that operates with simultaneity.
  • Chronobiology studies the biological rythms (Earth, Moon, Sun, seasons…) that play the symphony of your life with exquisite correlation.
  • You mirror the intelligence of the cosmos.
  • Reductionism is dead. We are at its funeral at the moment.

Author: Martien van Steenbergen

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