Richard Dawkins digging his own grave

Seems like Richard Dawkins is digging his own grave in being so closed and arrested regarding opinions in conflict with his own. Check out Deepak Chopra’s posting on I Know I’m Right, So Why Be Fair? where Dawkins acts like a grumpy old man during his encounter with Rupert Sheldrake. Just like in Chopra’s The Science Delusion?.

Sheldrake and Chopra have my votes. And I sure hope Dawkins will continue his current quest. The more energy he puts into it, the faster we will evolve our current ways of thinking. We need guys like Dawkins. He fuels the research on the ever so important area if spirituality, religion, and morphogenesis.

Filled In requires 32 MB memory

I’m using John Godley‘s Filled In WordPress plug-in to allow people to register for Aardbron events.

However, when Filled In is activated, WordPress didn’t render some admin pages correctly anymore (Manage Posts, Manage Pages, etc.).

Got in touch with John, and he said: “Add the following to your .htaccess file:

php_value memory_limit 32M

And so I did and Filled In works fine now.

Thanks John!

Zeitgeist – The Movie

Indrukwekkende film, Zeitgeist, over De Grote Leugen van geld, religie, aanstaande wereldorde van Verenigd Amerika (Canada, Noord – en Zuid -), Verenigd Europa en Verenigd Azië, 9/11, en zo voort. De ultieme Brave New World.

De stukken die mij met name interesseren zijn die over religie en geld.

Als je er in gelooft is’ie angstaanjagend en is er veel werk aan de winkel voor ons als bewoners van ruimteschip Aarde. Zoek YouTube gewoon op zeitgeist. Daar staan fragmenten van een minuut of tien. Download de hele Zeitgeist-film van 700 MB met BitTorrent.

A must see.