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Wilde rit

Degenen die hongeren naar aandacht verbergen hun eigen grootsheid.

Degenen die hongeren naar kansen verbergen hun eigen scheppend vermogen.

Degenen die hongeren naar liefde verbergen zich voor alles wat er al is.

Tjongejonge, wat zijn zij in voor een wilde rit.

Ik ben gek van je!

Het Universum

P.S. Vertrouw me, er zijn betere vormen van wild.

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Time according to Deepak Chopra

Time in my view is the continuity of memory using the ego as an internal reference point. When we break the barrier of ego, the self-image, we break the barrier of time.

So time is the separation that occurs when there is the differentiation of our consiousness into observer, process of observation and that which is observed. And then how we measure our observations through the creation of an artificial observer gives us the experience of time.

In fact, there is no time—there is only eternity. The measurement of eternity is symbolized as the measurement of time. And, of course, how we metabolize our experience of time, is the way our bodies undergo entropy.

So if we are running out of time, we literally run out of time biologically. People who say “I’m running out of time”, they have speeded up biological clocks. Faster heart rates [inaudible]. And they drop dead of premature heart attacks. They run out of time.

If you are in love time stops. The intoxication of love allows you to experience unity consciousness and timelessness. If you are bored, time drags. And entropy is the metabolism of time.

I have a lot more to say about the nature of time, but I’m running out of time. So, see you next time, or let me know what you think.

Source: How to Be Timeless Right This Moment ~ Deepak Chopra.

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Scientific Proof of the Existence of God

Prachtig interview met [ Amit Goswami] over [ Scientific Proof of the Existence of God]. Voor mij is de ”’essentie”’ nog steeds:
:Consciousness matters™—and that’s all that matters
En dat kan je dus ”’heel letterlijk”’ nemen. Zelfs het woord ”heel” uit de vorige zin krijgt daardoor voor mij meer waarde.

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Richard Dawkins digging his own grave

Seems like Richard Dawkins is digging his own grave in being so closed and arrested regarding opinions in conflict with his own. [ Check out Deepak Chopra’s posting on I Know I’m Right, So Why Be Fair?] where Dawkins acts like a grumpy old man during his encounter with Rupert Sheldrake. Just like in Chopra’s [[The Science Delusion?]].

Sheldrake and Chopra have my votes. And I sure hope Dawkins will continue his current quest. The more energy he puts into it, the faster we will evolve our current ways of thinking. We need guys like Dawkins. He fuels the research on the ever so important area if spirituality, religion, and morphogenesis.

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Zeitgeist – The Movie

Indrukwekkende film, [ Zeitgeist], over ”’De Grote Leugen”’ van geld, religie, aanstaande wereldorde van Verenigd Amerika (Canada, Noord – en Zuid -), Verenigd Europa en Verenigd Azië, 9/11, en zo voort. De ultieme ”’Brave New World”’.

De stukken die mij met name interesseren zijn die over ”'[ religie]”’ en ”'[ geld]”’.

Als je er in gelooft is’ie angstaanjagend en is er veel werk aan de winkel voor ons als bewoners van ruimteschip Aarde. Zoek YouTube gewoon op ”zeitgeist”. Daar staan fragmenten van een minuut of tien. [ Download de hele Zeitgeist-film] van 700 MB met BitTorrent.

A must see.

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Anton Heyboer on quantum, consciousness and awareness

Gaston Vilé was searching for the essential difference between ”’consciousness”’ and ”’awareness”’. While on the phone, I told him that Amit Goswami’s The Self-Aware Universe has an extensive point on this very difference. I promised Gaston to make the key pages available to him, and so I did.

While on his search, Gaston found the website of the artist and painter [ Anton Heyboer]. Heyboer already mentions quantum physiscs and Amit Goswami’s points. A summary:
*[ Consciousness and Awareness]—on wavicles and quantum (in Dutch);
*[ Bloodpressure of 65-90 indicates God’s trinity]—on Heyboer’s limbic brain;
*[ Yggdrasil and the circle]—quoting Goswami: “consciousness is God”

Heyboer also talks about God. I tend to use the term ”’Universe”’ latelely. Although I was raised as a Christian (gereformeerd), my scope is widened to include many, if not all, religions around the world. Buddhism as it’s most neutral and integral one (and Buddhism is not a religion, as you may know). The term “Universe”, for me, is more, yes, universal. ”’God”’ is still this almighty bearded person for me.

At home in the Universe, as [ Stuart Kaufman] said.

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Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album

Wonderful spirit! The spirit of giving is gaining momentum. Endorses the [ Aloha] project. Resonates with [ Clinton’s Give].

[ Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album]: “TechDirt is reporting that the band Radiohead has apparently chosen the path less traveled when it comes to the release of their new album. They are offering two very unique methods of purchase for their new music, the ability to name your own price for a digital download or the ability to purchase a special ‘discbox’ which will contain the album on CD and vinyl in addition to a horde of goodies. Will be interesting to see how this new model works out for them and what it might do to more traditional methods.

(Via [ Slashdot].)

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Bill Clinton: Giving

[ ]
[ Bill Clinton published a book titled ”’Giving”’], focusing on philantropy, charity and volunteering.

I feel very much strengthened by this, as it resonates tremenduously with the core brand click ”'[ Geef]”’™ from the [ Aloha project].

Thank you Bill.

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Einstein on Buddhism

Einstein was exploring a new form of spirituality for the future, consider what he had to say about Buddhism:

:”Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion of the future. It transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural and spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity.”


Via [ Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for a Secular Spirituality (Part 4)] on [ intentBlog].

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The Science Delusion?

Wonderful rebuttal by Deepak Chopra: [ The Science Delusion? Review of Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion]. Materialism vs. spiritualism and God. And resonating with [[Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality]].

Thank you Richard Dawkins, for writing your “The God Delusion” for it creates enormous attention for this ever important subject. You make people like Chopra and myself dig deeper into consiousness, the universe, quantum physics, God, Allah, Buddha and more. We’re becoming more conscious and knowledgeable about it.

And it’s about time, since we’re rapidly evolving towards the ”'[ noosphere]”’, catalyzed by the [ technosphere] with the Internet as its most brilliant example at this time.

Spaceship Earth is entering its most risky trajectory when [ metamorphosing] to its next order—extreme [ emergence]. And just like the life-threatening phase during the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, albeit on a very large, global, scale.

”’May we all evolve into a global, and perhaps universal wisdom and happiness”’. And beware, these massive scale changes or ”’emergence”’ happens relatively abrupt. Buckle on.

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Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality

Wonderful and clear visions on Einstein and God, rational science and spirituality.

Chopra uses the term ”’secular spirituality”’. A pretty paradoxal pearl.

If Einstein pointed the way to a new form of spirituality through his comment on Buddhism in which he gave the key criteria for a “”’cosmic religion of the future”’.” Such a religion, he said, should:

*Transcend a personal God
*Avoid dogma and theology
*Embrace both the natural and the spiritual
*Establish itself on a personal sense of unity among all things

Read Chopra’s complete thread right from the source:
*[ Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality (Part 1)]
*[ Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality (Part 2)]
*[ Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality (Part 3)]
*[ Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality (Part 4)]
*[ Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality (Part 5)]

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Time & the Technosphere

13 maart 2007 had ik een afspraak met Martijn Arnoldus van [ Creative Commons Nederland] over het uitbrengen van het [ Aloha-boek] onder een Creative Commons licentie.


Ik was heerlijk op tijd en het weer was ook prachtig. Dus kon ik heerlijk even snuffelen bij de [ Frontier Bookshop] aan de Leliegracht in Amsterdam. Precies tegenover het pand waar Creative Commons huist.

Bijzonder prettig gesprek gehad met een lieftallige jongedame. O.a. over het Aloha-project. Ze wilde daar graag aan meewerken. Wat ze meestal doen is dat ze voor vijf boeken of zo aandacht en ruimte scheppen in hun vakblad wat ze naar abonnees sturen. Cool.

Ik ben daar de winkel uitgelopen met [ de Feng Shui-gids] (€14.95).

Tijdens het afrekenen gaf ze me gratis de [ 13-moon diary of natural time] (2006-2007) mee. Boeiend vind ik. Natuurlijke tijd en natuurlijke ritmes spreken me bijzonder aan. Lijkt me leuk om eens met natuurlijke ritmes software te ontwikkelen.

Sindsdien boeit het me steeds meer. Goed startpunt is het [ Planet Art Network]. Zie ook de [ Foundation for the Law of Time]. Veel plezier.

En omdat ik vandaag in [ Mystiek] toch al een paar boeken meenam, heb ik hier meteen maar [ Time & the Technosphere]—The Law of Time in Human Affairs van [ José Argüelles] gekocht. €22.95.

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De eenheid van leven

De-eenheid-van-leven.gifVandaag aangeschaft in [ Mystiek]: [ De eenheid van leven] van Fritjof Capra. €22.99.

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Hoe wij God kunnen ervaren

Vanochtend bij [ Mystiek] in Rotterdam een paar boeken gekocht. O.a. [ Hoe wij God kunnen ervaren] van Deepak Chopra. €19.95. Benieuwd hoe dat uit gaat pakken tijdens onze vakantie volgende week…