Goldilocks is an interesting technique and basically doing the opposite of estimating: You shape the work into the desired sizes.

  1. Vote each item into one of three piles: “Too Big”, “Just Right”, and “Too Small”.
  2. Split any “Too Big” items into “Just Right”-sized ones.
  3. Group any “Too Small” items together into “Just Right”.

The Goldilocks Principle applied to sorting stories reminds of potato grading machines that sort potatoes into different sizes.

Enjoy the flow.



Source: InfoQ » Q&A on Kanban in Action.

Success profile


Fused Agile Management » David J. Anderson » Lean Risk Management—Options, Liquidity & Hedging Risk using Kanban Systems (ppt) and LKCE12 » David J. Anderson » Liquidity in Flow (video) on a single big visible chart (A2-sized).


  • David uses ‘risk profiles’ to find out what to pull next. If success + risk = 1 you can invert a ‘risk profile’ into a ‘success profile’ if you will.
  • Chart uses a polar chart rather than a radar chart.


  1. Create success profile on an index card for every option you want to execute soon.
  2. Put it into corresponding swim lane, honoring any work in progress limit.