The Science Delusion?

Wonderful rebuttal by Deepak Chopra: The Science Delusion? Review of Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion. Materialism vs. spiritualism and God. And resonating with Einstein’s God, or The Hopes for Secular Spirituality.

Thank you Richard Dawkins, for writing your “The God Delusion” for it creates enormous attention for this ever important subject. You make people like Chopra and myself dig deeper into consiousness, the universe, quantum physics, God, Allah, Buddha and more. We’re becoming more conscious and knowledgeable about it.

And it’s about time, since we’re rapidly evolving towards the noosphere, catalyzed by the technosphere with the Internet as its most brilliant example at this time.

Spaceship Earth is entering its most risky trajectory when metamorphosing to its next order—extreme emergence. And just like the life-threatening phase during the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, albeit on a very large, global, scale.

May we all evolve into a global, and perhaps universal wisdom and happiness. And beware, these massive scale changes or emergence happens relatively abrupt. Buckle on.

Author: Martien van Steenbergen

Martien is a Visioneer and touched by software.
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One thought on “The Science Delusion?”

  1. I find Chopra’s rebuttal really weak. Like, how silly is a statement like this: “Dawkins sweeps aside some of the greatest minds in history who took God seriously (Plato, Socrates, Hegel, Kant, Aquinas, Newton) because they haven’t kept up with the latest issue of Scientific American, as he has.”

    Chopra should take a serious look at Dawkins’ assertion that religion makes scientific statements, and therefore deserves scientifically rigorous analysis.

    Fortunately, your link to Chopra is broken because it wasn’t terminated correctly: “htmlThe”. 🙂

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