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LA Times Gets Hits with Wiki Stick

LA Times Gets Hits with Wiki Stick:

(Update: somewhat obvious April Foolery!) News of a very surprising and innovative move in journalism: The former Los Angeles Times has transitioned to become The Los Wikiless Timespedia, ‘continuously updated by the fine people of Los Angeles and the World.’

‘We tried basically all the gimmicks we know,’ said new Editor-in-Chief Tony Cahter, recently promoted from the depleted typesetting staff. ‘Different fonts. Moving Marmaduke to the front page. Everything.’

The wiki news system allows readers to enter and edit articles as they please.

‘If you see an article you don’t like or don’t agree with, just change it. Then if the next person doesn’t like that, they can change it back. We call it an editocracy.’

At least, that’s what the site said a few minutes ago. You’d better check it out yourself if you want to see what it says now, or if you want to contribute.

Via Grand Text Auto.

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