Aarde tag cloud

Using ScriptCloud‘s output, I created a tag cloud for the text in the Aarde Vision Bus Tour. Had to fiddle around with the style sheet a bit. The links do nothing, though. Here it is…

Here’s what I did:

  1. Include ScriptCloud’s tagline.css into style.css of weblog theme.
  2. Save all text into a plain and simple text file.
  3. Upload it to ScriptCloud.
  4. View generated tag cloud, and open HTML source.
  5. Copy just the tag cloud HTML and strip it from all the color settings.
  6. Paste result into body of blog entry.


For extremely profitable price/quality ratios, aim to maximize evolvability for all stakeholders by:

  • minimizing the efforts to develop, release and maintain your product;
  • maximizing scalability;
  • maximizing innovation to happen elsewhere—make it open source and use crowd sourcing;
  • maximizing adopting & setting open standards for quality, processes and technology.
  • using a tolerant development process
  • being open and responsive to easy changes as project progresses

The evolvability quality requirement transcends and includes all other “ilities” like performance, scalability, maintanability, reliability, resilience, and security.

Crowdsourcing Directory

Just one day after my regestration at Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing, Carl at Creative Crowds tipped me on the Crowdsourcing Directory.

Uhmpf… awful lot of creative crowd work going on. A sheer infinite flurry of innovation sources. Howcome I only see this now? Wonderful! Diving into it because I will find the fertile ground where my, sometimes wild and big ideas, are valued and will flourish.

Thanks for the pointer Carl!

P.S. Appears that Carl sends email from the Innovation Factory. Another interesting company that I only now discoverd.

P.S. 2 Seems they’re working hard to realize Creative Crowds and Creative Capitals

ScriptCloud for your tag cloud

Browsing visual text analysis led me to Visualizations Sets Information Free which in turn made me stumble over ScriptCloud lets you create content clouds (like a tag cloud) from your screenplay.

ScriptCloud logo If a tag cloud means nothing to you, check out the FAQs to find out more. Scriptcloud is intended for screenplays but you can upload any kind of text file.

And so I did. Picked my CV, saved as plain text and fed it ti Scriptcloud. The result is obvious. Too bad you can’t click on the tags.

TagCrowd is another interesting similar tool.

Want this to work at (subsets of) my wiki or forum; and select my own font; and set the rectangular area to render it in; and have it as a plug-in or extension to any CMS.

Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing

Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing

Harry van der Velde tipped me on Cambrian House some time ago. What a wonderful holacratic way of turning thoughts into things. Community-owned—so “Dee Hock” in its chaorganization. So co-creative.

While preparing a proposal for Andarr this morning, I decided to sign up. Looking forward to participation.

ZFS on a laptop

Eric Kustarz‘s excellent point in favour of using ZFS for your laptop to create a extremely reliable store for all your personal data.

Sun Microsystems is really making a change here. Wish for ZFS to become abuntantly ubiquitous.

Next: swap a disk a day with your friend to have a copy of your data at a remote place when you’re house burns down or someone drops a bomb.

Beyond that: the Wizard, Rabbit and Treasurer keep all your data safe in sync in a fully distributed self-organizing and self-healing peer-to-peer network.

Worryfree and effortless data.

Innovation and Agility

Jim Highsmith on Innovation and Agility: I have always maintained that one characteristic of a good agile leader is the ability to balance: up-front planning with on-going planning, early architecture with evolutionary architecture, and innovation with efficiency. It is a difficult balancing act. If CEOs can’t seem to get the balancing right, how can a project manager or development manager?

(Via Cutter Consortium: Enterprise Suite.)

Check this out: cool Mac software from Amsterdam

Check Out App
Made by Sofa
Via Apple Developer Connection:

The team of young developers at Amsterdam-based Madebysofa were frustrated as customers of a difficult point-of-sale (POS) application and a shortage of usable and affordable alternatives. So they decided to turn a problem into an opportunity, and set out to create their own application that worked the way they wanted. Their product is Checkout, is a powerful, friendly, and affordable POS system capable of running a small- to medium-size store, and is written exclusively for Mac OS X.

They also create a neat Mac OS X Subversion client.

Freecycle Network

Freecycle Network
Eek speaks about freecycling. A wonderful grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns using a simple mailinglist.

Freecyclers have only one rule:

Everything posted must be free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.

An excellent way to get rid of stuff of value to another but not to you. And reduces waste in the process.

Continuous Partial Attention

My son Martijn recently started working for Q42. One of his new colleagues pointed him to Continuous Partial Attention on whether or not to unplug from the ever increasing flow of interruptions of the grid and focus on getting some work done.

Becoming ever more agile—do some yoga.

Thanks Martijn & colleague!

DocBook – FrameMaker – MediaWiki – DocBook

To my former creative colleague, while at Sun Microsystems, Wilfred Springer, now at TomTom.

Hi Wilfred,

Seeing on your blog Distributed Reflections of the Third Kind that you’re still a big fan of DocBook, allow me to pose a question.

I am in the process of writing an extensive pattern language (which I call pareltaal, for a number of reasons). Using a MediaWiki engine really helps a lot and allows collaboration among many to grow such a language. But one big drawback is that it’s easy to lose oversight. It’s hard to see the whole picture, especially with hundreds of patterns.

So, for the time being, I switched to FrameMaker, with its excellent cross reference features and its structured document capability. I’m not using the structured document powers yet, since they have a very steep learning curve for me. But I do see how it might help manage an ever evolving structured but loosely coupled pattern language. And it might also help in creating different views on the same source. Repurposing content, as they say. E.g. just a list of patlets with only the pattern name, problem and solution.

Anyway, I’m looking for a tool that allows collaborative writing and evolution of an extensive pattern language while keeping oversight and creating unlimited views on (parts of) the language. I’d like it to be able to support a lossless bidirectional link between, say, FrameMaker and MediaWiki.


Succes en plezier,