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Opstandigen en de gevestigde orde

De gevestigde orde sluit compromissen om de commissie te behagen en wringt zich in bochten om de status quo te verdedigen.

Opstandelingen hebben het vermogen om zonder een commissie te werken en om de status quo te vernietigen.

Het spel is opgesteld in het voordeel van de opstandelingen, echter:

  • opstandigen staan onder druk van bestuur, beleggers en buren om zich te gedragen als de gevestigde orde; en
  • het vereist lef om een opstandige te zijn—hoewel de asymmetrische aard van het uitdagen van de status quo is in hun voordeel is, vinden we vaak een tekort lef… en dan krijgt de gevestigde orde de overhand.

—Seth Godin

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Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration

Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration – TED Talk

Transcript of Howard Rheingold’s TED-2005 talk about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action—and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group. As he points out, humans have been banding together to work collectively since our days of hunting mastodons.

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Shift happens

Finally, an excellent video about ”’the emergence of our global collective intelligence”’. Watch it on ”'[ Shift Happens]”’. It’s about .

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Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode

Michel Bauwens tipte me gisteren op een artikel in [ 6 minutes business]:
:Eindeloze groei in ons beperkt natuurlijk systeem is onmogelijk. Wij bevinden ons nu in een transitiefase waarin nieuwe peer-productiegemeenschappen zoeken naar ideale samenwerkingsvormen. En die zijn er in het internet, nu al, en ze hebben succes.

Lees meer over [ Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode] waar open source, crowd sourcing en peer-to-peer het kompas zijn.

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Flirting with the Crowds

[ Flirting with the Crowds]: Sami Viitamäki was early to come up with a very comprehensible model about Crowdsourcing: the FLIRT model. Read more on [ Carl’s post on Flirting with the Crowds].

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Telekommunisten – the worker-owned telephone company

Worker Owned and Operated

telekommunisten is controlled by it’s workers and committed to staying that way, we believe we can serve our customers best and at the lowest cost by remaining focused on meeting the needs of our employees and customers, not on profits for outside shareholders. Being worker-owned means that all the money you spend on our products goes directly to the maintenance and improvement of the service you receive.

Venture Communism

Venture Communism is a project to research, experiment with, and initiate social enterprises, particularly a rent-sharing based proposed form called a Venture Commune. The project also encourages dialogue and investigation of alternative economies and workers struggle against private property .

The goal is to promote understanding of the relationship between distribution of productive assets, political power and global exploitation and poverty and to investigate how worker-controlled enterprises can contribute to solving this problem, as well as to put such ideas into practise.

Several articles have been written and many on-line correspondences sent describing and discussing venture communism, as well as analyzing the nature of property generally.

Source: [[ Telekommunisten]]—”’The Revolution is Calling”’.

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Groovy Actors

[ ]

Refreshed my link with Gerald “[ tensegrity]” de Jong, triggered by a blog entry from TED titled [ Creatures on the beach] from the Dutch sculptor Theo Jansen which instantly reminded me of Gerald’s [ Fluidiom] and [ Darwin at Home] projects.

Gerald’s email signature also mentioned [ Groovy Actors]:
:In a nutshell it’s a natural next step, building further on object-oriented programming (OOP), where objects become active talkative peers.
:Imagine running thousands of concurrent programs on one computer where each program instance represents something or someone in the real world. Some things are passive and only react to events but lots of real world things also take initiative.
:That’s why parts of this kind of system can better be represented in software by “autonomous agents” or “actors” which frequently interact with each other.

And built using the Groovy language.

Just wondering why ”’Groovy Actors are limited to a single computer”’ rather than ”’autonomous peers distributed across thousands of computers”’. Love to have concepts from [[Erlang]] and [ JavaSpaces] built in.

Love to see the Groovy Actors’ [ Hello Storage] example implement the story of [ The Wizard, The Rabbit, and The Treasurer].

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The Artist’s Way

the-artists-way.gif‘k Las er gisteren over in [ Mijn creativiteitsmonster] van [ André Meiresonne]: ”'[ The Artist’s Way]—A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”’ van [ Julia Cameron]. Kan ik vast veel van leren. Ook mee op vakantie. Ook bij [ Mystiek] gekocht. Engelstalig. €17.55.

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Briljante Programmeurs Netwerk

[ Sanne Roemen] en [ Daan Kortenbach] doen een oproep om een [ coöp van ”’briljante programmeurs”’] op te zetten. Wat mij betreft breiden ze dat uit naar ”’briljante ontwerpers, designers, architecten en projectleiders”’. En dan lekker agile aan de slag.

Als we dat nou eens naadloos kunnen samenvoegen met grote bedrijven op dit gebied. Een organisatievorm vinden waarbij beiden elkaar versterken. De ”’groten”’ zijn ”’zeldzaam, veerkrachtig, geworteld en enorm”’. De ”’eenpitters”’, tweepitters en gasstellen zijn met ”’velen, klein, wendbaar en innovatief”’. Hoe kunnen ze elkaar versterken?!

Hey Sanne, Daan, ”’Ik wil meedoen!”’ Gaan we in augsutus om de tafel om dit verder vorm te geven?

Mijn gedicht “[ Wanneer Dan]” vat het geheel samen.

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Crowdsourcing Directory

Just one day after my regestration at [[Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing]], Carl at [ Creative Crowds] tipped me on the [ Crowdsourcing Directory].

Uhmpf… awful lot of creative crowd work going on. A sheer infinite flurry of innovation sources. Howcome I only see this now? Wonderful! Diving into it because I will find the fertile ground where my, sometimes wild and big ideas, are valued and will flourish.

Thanks for the pointer Carl!

P.S. Appears that Carl sends email from the [ Innovation Factory]. Another interesting company that I only now discoverd.

P.S. 2 Seems they’re working hard to realize [ Creative Crowds] and [ Creative Capitals]

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Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing

[ Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing]

[ Harry van der Velde] tipped me on [ Cambrian House] some time ago. What a wonderful [ holacratic] way of [[Totally Unique Thoughts|turning thoughts into things]]. Community-owned—so “[ Dee Hock]” in its chaorganization. So co-creative.

While preparing a proposal for [ Andarr] this morning, I decided to sign up. Looking forward to participation.

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ZFS on a laptop

[ Eric Kustarz]’s excellent point in favour of using [ ZFS for your laptop] to create a ”’extremely reliable store for all your personal data”’.

Sun Microsystems is really making a change here. Wish for ZFS to become abuntantly ubiquitous.

Next: swap a disk a day with your friend to have a copy of your data at a remote place when you’re house burns down or someone drops a bomb.

Beyond that: the [ Wizard, Rabbit and Treasurer] keep all your data safe in sync in a fully distributed self-organizing and self-healing peer-to-peer network.

Worryfree and effortless data.

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Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development

Via [ Slashdot]:

:[ Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development]: “slugo writes ‘Internet search giant Google (GOOG) hopes to speed the development of plug-in hybrid cars by giving away millions of dollars to people and companies that have what appear to be practical ways to get plug-in hybrid automobiles to market faster.

:’While many people don’t associate Google with energy, analysts say the fit isn’t all that unnatural. Renewable energy, unlike coal or nuclear, will likely come from thousands or tens of thousands of different locations. Analysts have long said that one of the big challenges will be managing that flow into and out of the nation’s electric grid, and that companies that manage the flow of information are well placed to handle that task.

:[ Read more of this story] at Slashdot.

[[One trillion euro for AardWagen]] may fuel this initiative.

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One trillion euro for AardWagen

How about rewarding ”’one trillion euro”’ for the first international precompetitive collaboration that produces a vehicle in ten years that improves rather than poverishes our Earth in each and every step of it’s lifecycle?

From original conception to design, manufacturing, use and destruction, AardWagen will make our environment better, more whole, embellish it, enrich it. This requires creative thought and action across the board and must shatter many political and economical barriers.

[[Google already Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development]]. Who’s next to join all powers in a single large worldwide fund to develop AardWagen in an open tournament.