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Luis von Ahn—Smart Games—Smart Software

Article in Automatiseringgids on [ Luis von Ahn]’s [ ESP Game]—a.k.a. the [ Google Image Labeler]—to smart tag images by human swarms.

Ahn also created the spam-avoiding [ Captcha].

Thank you very much Luis!

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Holacracy and chaorganization on votes

As a member of the Identity Commons mailing list for several years now I find many of the organizational conversations very interesting. Especially the dialogs on principles, articles, bylaws, organization, etc.

I feel compelled to contribute in some way, but force myself not to for the simple reason that I know that I cannot sustain the level of contribution that the IC needs. And I must set and keep these expectations right in order not to disappoint either of us. Please forgive me for that.

Anyway, Eugene’s (again excellent) summary on last week’s (3/28/2007) call mentioned the subject of voting again. This triggered me to send them this article on Holacracy from Drian J. Robertson from the Cutter Consortium. You probably already know about it, but I just want to make sure you wouldn’t miss it.

Please allow me to quote from page 12:

:”’On votes”’
:Another common question is about the “possible votes” in integrative decision making. At first it can sound like there are two possible votes on a proposed decision—”consent” or “object”—though that’s missing a key point. ”’Consent isn’t about “votes”at all”’; the idea of a vote doesn’t make sense in the context of consent. ”’There are no votes, and people do not vote.”’
: People do say whether they know of ”’a reason why the proposed decision is outside the limits of tolerance of any aspect of the system”’, and then decision making continues to ”’integrate that new information”’. This isn’t the same as most consensus-based processes—either in theory or in practice—although it does sound similar at first, especially before an actual meeting that seeks consent is witnessed.


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Natural Capital Institute

[ LandONE-A7.png]

Eduard Povel tipped me on the Natural Capital Institute today—helping society move towards a socially just and environmentally restorative existence.

”’All open source. Hurray!”’

Wow, what a fine initiative. I’m going to contact them to find synergy between NCI and my LandONE initiative.

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Co-creation: whoever has the smartest customers wins

Do ”’consumer driven innovation”’, customer care and ”'[ Wikinomics]”’ work? Well, at [ Procter & Gamble] they do. Read [ CIO Magazine on Wikinomics].

I’m a ”’big big fan of co-creation”’ and it’s been like this ever since the great Internet technologies like mail, the web and [ Java] emerged. [ Kevin Kelly] already wrote about it when he says: “”'[ And whoever has the smartest customers wins]”’ in his book [ New Rules for the New Economy].

Kelly’s strategies:
*”’Make customers as smart as you are.”’
*”’Connect customers to customers.”’
*”’All things being equal, choose technology that connects.”’
*”’Imagine your customers as employees.”’

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Aperspectival photography and imagery

Harry van der Velde pointed me to Spiralized, a cool and clean introduction to Spiral Dynamics. Next, click Basics, then click on the yellow part of the spiral, only to find that network art like Toogle and—Wolfram-based—aperspectival photography and images are considered “yellow” imagery. Exciting. Makes The Nature Of Order more whole.

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Integral Architecture—The Timeless Way of Building

You’re cordially invited to attend the CHE Salon on Integral Architecture, inspired by Christopher Alexander’s The Timeless Way of Building and The Nature of Order.

May 11, Centrum Venwoude, Lage Vuursche. Free for friends of CHE.

Succes en plezier


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April Wise Fools Day

April Wise Fools Day came to mind late 2005, in a dialog with Engbert Breuker, Chief Emotions Officer at and Founder of Pentascope. Go on and read the long story on April Wise Fools Day.


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One From Many by Dee Hock: Chapter 8-11

Added my notes from another three chapters.

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One From Many by Dee Hock: Chapter 1-7

Jotted down my highlighted text from chapter 1-7 reading Dee Hock’s exciting “One From Many—VISA and the Rise of the Chaordic Organization”.

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Focusing beyond CHE

Over the past few months, I have put most of my energy in the growth of the Center for Human Emergence Netherlands (CHE NL). One of the key events was Klaar om te Wenden, where over 900 people immersed themselves in the visions of Hermand Wijjffels, Ervin Laszlo, Don Beck and Peter Merry. So CHE is a growing group of volunteers helping the world evolve so that a new, better world may emerge.

There are many similar, yet different, initiatives underway, though. And I’m going to focus my energy to create symbiosis between as many of them as possible, inlcuding a healthy financial basis.

I’m learning as I walk down this path and it feels good. Can’t get enough.

Succes en plezier,