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Co-creation: whoever has the smartest customers wins

Do ”’consumer driven innovation”’, customer care and ”'[ Wikinomics]”’ work? Well, at [ Procter & Gamble] they do. Read [ CIO Magazine on Wikinomics].

I’m a ”’big big fan of co-creation”’ and it’s been like this ever since the great Internet technologies like mail, the web and [ Java] emerged. [ Kevin Kelly] already wrote about it when he says: “”'[ And whoever has the smartest customers wins]”’ in his book [ New Rules for the New Economy].

Kelly’s strategies:
*”’Make customers as smart as you are.”’
*”’Connect customers to customers.”’
*”’All things being equal, choose technology that connects.”’
*”’Imagine your customers as employees.”’

By Martien van Steenbergen

Martien is a Visioneer and touched by software.
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