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Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development

Via [ Slashdot]:

:[ Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development]: “slugo writes ‘Internet search giant Google (GOOG) hopes to speed the development of plug-in hybrid cars by giving away millions of dollars to people and companies that have what appear to be practical ways to get plug-in hybrid automobiles to market faster.

:’While many people don’t associate Google with energy, analysts say the fit isn’t all that unnatural. Renewable energy, unlike coal or nuclear, will likely come from thousands or tens of thousands of different locations. Analysts have long said that one of the big challenges will be managing that flow into and out of the nation’s electric grid, and that companies that manage the flow of information are well placed to handle that task.

:[ Read more of this story] at Slashdot.

[[One trillion euro for AardWagen]] may fuel this initiative.

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