A Chinese Virtual Currency Challenges the Yuan

A Chinese Virtual Currency Challenges the Yuan: “Radon360 writes ‘A Wall Street Journal article reports that China’s fastest-rising currency isn’t the yuan.

It’s the QQ coin—online play money created by marketers to sell such things as virtual flowers for instant-message buddies, cellphone ringtones and magical swords for online games. In recent weeks, the QQ coin’s real-world value has risen as much as 70%. It’s the most extreme case of a so-called virtual currency blurring the boundaries between the online and real worlds—and challenging legal limits.

A Chinese Internet company called Tencent Holdings Ltd. designed the payment system in 2002 to allow its 233 million regular registered users to shop for treats in its virtual world. Virtual currencies are in use in many countries—but nowhere have they taken root more deeply than in China.’

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Martien’s compass

This morning, I got an email from Ronald Bernard from Spirit to Win that caused me to line up my short-, mid-, and longterm vision and plans. I like this line up so much, I’ll share them with y’all.

Beware, some is in Dutch, some in English. The Dutch stuff will be transformed into English some time.

Car running on water?

I’ve heard about fuel cells that run on the energy release when hydrogen and oxygen bind in to water. And where you still need energy up front to split the water into these two components.

But Eduard Povel pointed me to Byron New Energy, also using water, but ‘cosmic charged water’, delivering perpetual motion that may well solve our hunger for energy.

Interesting. Will dive into it.

Digitale LEGO®: moeiteloos doorlopend actueel

Digitale LEGO® moeiteloos doorlopend actueel zonder handmatig onderhoud via mashups”’.

Google, eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Last.fm en Yahoo geven externe programmeurs toegang tot delen van hun kernsoftware via zogeheten APIs: technische bruggetjes.

Zo ontstaat een nieuw web van zogenaamde mashups. Kortom, API + API = mashup. Ook bekend als SAAS—Software As A Service.

Ning.com, OpenKapow.com en Yahoo Pipes vereenvoudigen verder de groei van mashups. Koppel dit aan open source tools zoals MediaWiki (wiki) en WordPress (blog) en je krijgt een uitermate rijke voedingsbodem.

Ideaal voor inititatieven zoals NNN.

Co-creation: whoever has the smartest customers wins

Do consumer driven innovation, customer care and Wikinomics work? Well, at Procter & Gamble they do. Read CIO Magazine on Wikinomics.

I’m a big big fan of co-creation and it’s been like this ever since the great Internet technologies like mail, the web and Java emerged. Kevin Kelly already wrote about it when he says: “And whoever has the smartest customers wins in his book New Rules for the New Economy.

Kelly’s strategies:

  • Make customers as smart as you are.
  • Connect customers to customers.
  • All things being equal, choose technology that connects.
  • Imagine your customers as employees.

Can ‘Spiritual Computing’ Drive Web 3.0?

Computer scientists and visionaries today see a future in which Web 3.0 will help us engage in virtual battles with cancer cells, keep us physically independent as we age, and achieve a deeper emotional connection to things that matter most to us.

Dana Pavel believes that technology can make a profound difference in our lives if computers can understand more about where we are and how we are feeling.

“At some point you want to do something more than accomplish tasks through technologies and devices,” said the researcher who studies affective and context-aware computing at Nokia’s Helsinki Research Center.

Seems like Nokia is working hard on this. Again, resonates with Martien’s Smart Spiritual Software.

Source: http://www.internetnews.com/bus-news/article.php/3623291

Spiritual Computing – The Mindfulness/Technology Dialogue

Hmmm… although initially interesting, on closer look there does not seem much activity here. Resonates with my Smart Spiritual Software. Wonder how to rekindle this initiative.


Spiritual Computing – The Mindfulness/Technology Dialogue

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