Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development

Via Slashdot:

Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development: “slugo writes ‘Internet search giant Google (GOOG) hopes to speed the development of plug-in hybrid cars by giving away millions of dollars to people and companies that have what appear to be practical ways to get plug-in hybrid automobiles to market faster.
‘While many people don’t associate Google with energy, analysts say the fit isn’t all that unnatural. Renewable energy, unlike coal or nuclear, will likely come from thousands or tens of thousands of different locations. Analysts have long said that one of the big challenges will be managing that flow into and out of the nation’s electric grid, and that companies that manage the flow of information are well placed to handle that task.
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One trillion euro for AardWagen may fuel this initiative.

One trillion euro for AardWagen

How about rewarding one trillion euro for the first international precompetitive collaboration that produces a vehicle in ten years that improves rather than poverishes our Earth in each and every step of it’s lifecycle?

From original conception to design, manufacturing, use and destruction, AardWagen will make our environment better, more whole, embellish it, enrich it. This requires creative thought and action across the board and must shatter many political and economical barriers.

Google already Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development. Who’s next to join all powers in a single large worldwide fund to develop AardWagen in an open tournament.

Do Patents Stop Companies From Creating ‘Perfect’ Products?

Via Slashdot:

Do Patents Stop Companies From Creating ‘Perfect’ Products?: “Chris M writes “In a recent CNET article, the mobile phone editor writes about what he thinks would make a perfect phone. Unfortunately, as someone in the comments section points out, much of the technology that is used in this concept phone belongs to separate companies. ‘I’m sorry to be the Devil’s Advocate here, but most of those feautres are patented to separate companies. It would require almost all the major manufacturers [working together] to do this, which is highly unlikely.’ Do you think patents are stopping companies from creating ‘perfect’ devices, or are there other factors at work”.

Ah, well, I think they’re absolutely right here. While a tournament fuels innovation, patenting—in order to monopolize a an idea and its implementation—stifles it. Resonates with The Truth About Piracy.

Patent something and then make it unconditionally free to be used by anyone and everyone. Heal the world.

Hoshin Kanri

Since 2000 or so, I regularly use a Hoshin sheet to jumpstart new projects or business.

Hoshin Kanri has its roots in the 1950s when lectures by Dr. Deming and Dr. Juran in Japan taught the Deming Wheel (PDCA Cycle) and the need to focus on management processes for continuous improvement, including both Breakthrough Management and Daily Management.

Hoshin Kanri is an organising framework for strategic management. It is concerned with four primary tasks:

  • it focuses organisation attention on corporate direction by setting, annually, a vital few strategic priorities;
  • it aligns these with local plans and programmes;
  • it integrates them with daily management, and
  • it provides for a structured review of their progress.

More and more companies recognized its value over the 30 years of refinement. Today, The Toyota Way resonates very well with the practices of Agile Software Development. Joined with holacratic principles, government and practices it grows into a very effective leadership instrument.

Read more on Hoshin Kanri on AardRock’s Wiki.

The Truth About Piracy

In The Truth About Piracy Steve Pavlina puts it bluntly:

is intellectual property a tool for scarcity thinking, or is it a tool for contribution?

For me, it’s the latter.

And my biggest fear is that someone takes someone else’s idea, and than monopolizes it. I would claim patents and copyrights in order to avoid just that and make brilliant ideas available to the world at large. Abundance.

(Via Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog.)