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Do Patents Stop Companies From Creating ‘Perfect’ Products?

Via [ Slashdot]:

:[ Do Patents Stop Companies From Creating ‘Perfect’ Products?]: “Chris M writes “In a recent CNET article, the mobile phone editor writes about what he thinks would make a perfect phone. Unfortunately, as someone in the comments section points out, much of the technology that is used in this concept phone belongs to separate companies. ‘I’m sorry to be the Devil’s Advocate here, but most of those feautres are patented to separate companies. It would require almost all the major manufacturers [working together] to do this, which is highly unlikely.’ Do you think patents are stopping companies from creating ‘perfect’ devices, or are there other factors at work”.

Ah, well, I think they’re absolutely right here. While a tournament fuels innovation, patenting—in order to monopolize a an idea and its implementation—stifles it. Resonates with [[The Truth About Piracy]].

”’Patent something and then make it unconditionally free”’ to be used by anyone and everyone. Heal the world.

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The Truth About Piracy

In The Truth About Piracy Steve Pavlina puts it bluntly:
:”’is intellectual property a tool for scarcity thinking, or is it a tool for contribution?”’

For me, it’s the latter.

And my biggest fear is that someone takes someone else’s idea, and than monopolizes it. I would claim patents and copyrights in order to avoid just that and make brilliant ideas available to the world at large. Abundance.

(Via Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog.)

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Update Emerce Update Co-Creatie

Update van de Emerce Update Co-Creatie:
*Ongeveer 200 mensen
*Hele goede lezingen van:
**Roger Beekman en André Bouwman van ADK/60 layers of cake over open source.
**Sander Dullaart van Favela Fabric over teruggeven van aandacht, vraaggestuurd aanbod.
**Gert Hans Berghuis van Fabrique over drijfveren en zingeving voor co-creatie, samen met user generated value (i.t.t. user generated content). Ik creëer dus ik besta. Zo inline met Thoughts Become Things van Mike Dooley (van The Secret).
**René Jansen van Winkwaves over afstemmen op persona’s t.b.v. co-creatie.
**Pim Betist van Sell-a-Band; echt super! Ze hebben de eerst vijf artiesten die elk $50k hebben verzameld en nu professioneel aan de slag gaan. Totaal hebben ze $750k in kas, waarvan $500k dit jaar. 3k bands in 8 maanden tijd. You Are The Record Company.
*’k Heb met de meeste sprekers kort gesproken over Aloha en afgesproken een afspraak te maken. Vinden het een interessant concept.
*Aanloop bij de tafel was goed. Stonden lekker in het licht met een spotje erop. Met praatplaat van Dennis op A2 op een tafelezeltje.
*Wouter Boog, Visueel Vertaler van JAM, maakte grafisch verslag van de middag; trok veel aandacht en foto’s voor zowel JAM als Aloha.
*Wouter scant de platen nog in en dan zz we ze op de wiki.
*Emerce zal er ook wel wat mee doen in hun verslag.
*Kreeg nog iemand van WWF (WNF) aan tafel; is bijzonder geïnteresseerd; WWF mogelijk als Aloha Associate?
*Voor verslag, zie:
** en


ICT Delta op 22 en 23 mei

Hoi Stanley,

Dank voor de tip voor de ICT Delta op 22 en 23 mei in de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Ziet er veelbelovend uit. ‘k Heb me net ingeschreven.

22 mei wordt zo wel een ”’hele drukke dag”’ met én de Pentascope Parterdag, én Emerce Co-Creation Update, én de ICT Delta

What the bleep?! Je bent wat je kiest.

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Aarde blog live on Earth Day

Creating a ”’brand new country”’ is a startling endeavour. And today is Earth Day. An excellent day to go public with my passion. I’m giving it my whole heart, soul, and mind.

Previously code-named [ LandONE], I’ve renamed it to ”’Aarde”’. I’ve started the [ Aarde blog]—domainnames and are already taken, so I’ve opted for ”’AardSource”’ as name space—an inexhaustable and ever abundant well for everything Aarde. A Wiki for global collaboration will follow soon.

Some ask me, why the name ‘Aarde’? It’s really quite simple. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon was once asked how he came up with the name ”’Amazon”’. “Well, it’s the largest river on Earth and it starts with an A.”. (the latter having an excellent free marketing value—you’re always near the top of alphabetical lists). I’ve never forgotten his answer.

In the same spirit ”’Aarde”’:
*is the largest planet around that has life on it (as far as we know);
*starts with a double A;
*has a Dutch connection—my home country.

[ Love],



Trend Blend 2007 kaart


Zag ik vorige week bij [ Creative Commons Nederland] aan de koelkast hangen.


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Joost—free TV with a peer-to-peer community


:What’s Joost? It’s free TV, with the choice to watch alone or with friends. Joost is packed with internet tools such as instant messaging and channel chat, allowing people to really share the TV experience.

:It’s a completely secure platform for content owners that respects their rights, while protecting and enhancing their brands. And it’s an incredibly flexible way for advertisers to reach a truly global audience, in ways that really work. Joost isn’t just video on the internet – it’s the next generation of television for viewers, content owners and advertisers everywhere.

Grown from a handful of people in a small office outside Amsterdam. [öm Niklas Zennstrøm] and [ Janus Friis]—KaZaa, Skype. Peer-to-peer. Community. Promising. I wish them a lot of succes!

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Car running on water?

I’ve heard about fuel cells that run on the energy release when hydrogen and oxygen bind in to water. And where you still need energy up front to split the water into these two components.

But Eduard Povel pointed me to ”'[ Byron New Energy]”’, also using water, but ‘cosmic charged water’, delivering [ perpetual motion] that may well solve our hunger for energy.

Interesting. Will dive into it.

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Co-creation: whoever has the smartest customers wins

Do ”’consumer driven innovation”’, customer care and ”'[ Wikinomics]”’ work? Well, at [ Procter & Gamble] they do. Read [ CIO Magazine on Wikinomics].

I’m a ”’big big fan of co-creation”’ and it’s been like this ever since the great Internet technologies like mail, the web and [ Java] emerged. [ Kevin Kelly] already wrote about it when he says: “”'[ And whoever has the smartest customers wins]”’ in his book [ New Rules for the New Economy].

Kelly’s strategies:
*”’Make customers as smart as you are.”’
*”’Connect customers to customers.”’
*”’All things being equal, choose technology that connects.”’
*”’Imagine your customers as employees.”’