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Radiohead Economics

In succession to [[Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album]], Chris “Longtail” Anderson also writes about [ Radiohead Economics] on his blog.

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Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album

Wonderful spirit! The spirit of giving is gaining momentum. Endorses the [ Aloha] project. Resonates with [ Clinton’s Give].

[ Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album]: “TechDirt is reporting that the band Radiohead has apparently chosen the path less traveled when it comes to the release of their new album. They are offering two very unique methods of purchase for their new music, the ability to name your own price for a digital download or the ability to purchase a special ‘discbox’ which will contain the album on CD and vinyl in addition to a horde of goodies. Will be interesting to see how this new model works out for them and what it might do to more traditional methods.

(Via [ Slashdot].)

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The coolest new feature on BookTour: Auto-favorites

[ The coolest new feature on BookTour: Auto-favorites]:

Like any other startup, we’ve adding new feature nearly every day on [ BookTour]. But my favorite is one that we added last week. You know the music services, such as [ Sonic Living], that’can scan your iTunes or LastFM’libraries and then automatically tell you (via emails or RSS feeds) when’your favorite’bands are coming to your town? We wanted to do the same for books and authors.

So now if you go to your Profile page on, you can enter your Amazon login info and we’ll automatically look up all the books you’ve ever bought and add those authors to the list you’re tracking. If any of them are coming to your area to give talks or other appearances, we’ll send you an email or include it in your RSS feed. And you can always use the service to ping those authors and ask them to come speak to your company, organization or just book club while they’re in town.

[ bt]

How cool is that?!

(BTW, we don’t keep your Amazon info. The site just opens a secure connection to Amazon, fetches the books from your order history, and then closes the connection and discards the login info. That means you have to enter’the login’again when you want to refresh your favorites list in a few months, but it also ensures that your login information can never be compromised.)

(Via [ The Long Tail].