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Steal This Film

Steal This Film II
Steal This Film [part one] is a spectacular documentary on Sweden’s piracy movement — The Pirate Bay BitTorrent site, The Pirate Bureau think-tank and The Pirate Party, a political party. Steal This Film ingeniously combines Hollywood footage, scare-interviews with Hollywood execs, Hollywood anti-piracy PSAs and footage of interviews with Swedish pirates, politicians and people on the street.

Source: [ Steal This Movie: documentary on Swedish piracy movement] via [ Peer-to-Peer Foundation].

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The Money Fix

Op de Wiki van de [ Peer-to-Peer Foundation] kwam ik interessante films tegen over zaken zoals geld en gemeenschappen met een locale munteenheid. Inspiratie voor hoe het ook anders kan. En mooie zaken om te laten zien tijdens [ Geld als Water]:
*[ The Money Fix]
*[ Wealth of Neighbors]
*[[Zeitgeist – The Movie|Zeitgeist]]

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Using Social Networking Tools to Write a Book

Interesting… especially in the context of Aloha, and also potentially in the context of Baobab.

[ Using Social Networking Tools to Write a Book]: “WikiTiki writes ‘Safari Books Online has a new interview with Barry Libert, one of the authors of ‘We are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business.’ Barry and his coauthors decided to create a wiki and invite the community to help build this book which aims to give advice on using social networking tools like blogs and wikis to businesses.

Barry has some interesting comments about both the challenges and payoffs in using social networking tools to create a book about social networking tools.’

[ Read more of this story] at Slashdot.

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Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode

Michel Bauwens tipte me gisteren op een artikel in [ 6 minutes business]:
:Eindeloze groei in ons beperkt natuurlijk systeem is onmogelijk. Wij bevinden ons nu in een transitiefase waarin nieuwe peer-productiegemeenschappen zoeken naar ideale samenwerkingsvormen. En die zijn er in het internet, nu al, en ze hebben succes.

Lees meer over [ Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode] waar open source, crowd sourcing en peer-to-peer het kompas zijn.

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Radiohead Economics

In succession to [[Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album]], Chris “Longtail” Anderson also writes about [ Radiohead Economics] on his blog.

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Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album

Wonderful spirit! The spirit of giving is gaining momentum. Endorses the [ Aloha] project. Resonates with [ Clinton’s Give].

[ Radiohead Says Name Your Own Price for New Album]: “TechDirt is reporting that the band Radiohead has apparently chosen the path less traveled when it comes to the release of their new album. They are offering two very unique methods of purchase for their new music, the ability to name your own price for a digital download or the ability to purchase a special ‘discbox’ which will contain the album on CD and vinyl in addition to a horde of goodies. Will be interesting to see how this new model works out for them and what it might do to more traditional methods.

(Via [ Slashdot].)

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Bill Clinton: Giving

[ ]
[ Bill Clinton published a book titled ”’Giving”’], focusing on philantropy, charity and volunteering.

I feel very much strengthened by this, as it resonates tremenduously with the core brand click ”'[ Geef]”’™ from the [ Aloha project].

Thank you Bill.