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Clear goal, simple rules


Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behavior.

Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behavior.

Dee Hock, CEO Emeritus VISA International

From team charter:

  • Team—A group of people or animals linked in a unity of purpose.
  • Self-organization—The tendency of an open system to generate new structures and patterns based on its own internal dynamics. Organization design emerges from the interactions of the agents in the system; it is not imposed from above or outside. Facilitating Organization Change: Lessons from Complexity Science

Three factors influence the patterns that emerge:

  • The container sets the bounds for the self-organizing system. It defines the “self” that organizes.
  • Significant differences determine the primary patterns that emerges (power, level of expertise, gender, …).
  • Transforming exchanges form the connections between system agents.

Just as a person needs time and space to incubate thoughts before a new Idea can emerge, a system needs a bounded space for the emergence of new patterns. Patterns imply structure, organization. Self-organizations gives you order for free. Effortless organization? don’t just do something, stand there!

Life is a serious game. life is a broccoli.

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Agile Organization

The 7th Key Principle of Lean Software Development is optimize the whole.

The burning question is, how to boost collective evolutionary power from a participative, co-creative agile organizational point of view? Large Scale Intervention (LSI) provides principles, patterns and practices to just this? LSI is also known as Whole Systems Change.

Hope you enjoy a short slide deck on Agile Organization (PDF, 1.3 MB).

“Ontwikkelen moet je meemaken.”

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Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration

Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration – TED Talk

Transcript of Howard Rheingold’s TED-2005 talk about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action—and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group. As he points out, humans have been banding together to work collectively since our days of hunting mastodons.

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Decentrale organisaties zijn onverslaanbaar

Wat hebben ”’Geronimo”’, ”’Skype”’, ”’Wikipedia”’, ”’Open Coffee”’, ”’Al Qaida”’ en ”’Youtube”’ met elkaar gemeen? Het zijn allemaal ”’gedecentraliseerde netwerken”’. Rod Beckstrom en Ori Brafman gebruiken deze voorbeelden om een nieuw management systeem te modelleren. De toekomst van de organisatie is een gedecentraliseerde organisatie in plaats van een top down gecentraliseerde bedrijfsstructuur.

Het boek beschrijft de kracht van gedecentraliseerde organisaties aan de hand van de analogie ‘Starfish en Spider’, waarbij de Starfish voor een gedecentraliseerde organisatie staat en een Spider vergeleken wordt met een gecentraliseerde organisatie.

Via [ Sprout].

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Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode

Michel Bauwens tipte me gisteren op een artikel in [ 6 minutes business]:
:Eindeloze groei in ons beperkt natuurlijk systeem is onmogelijk. Wij bevinden ons nu in een transitiefase waarin nieuwe peer-productiegemeenschappen zoeken naar ideale samenwerkingsvormen. En die zijn er in het internet, nu al, en ze hebben succes.

Lees meer over [ Nieuwe zakelijke modellen voor de transitieperiode] waar open source, crowd sourcing en peer-to-peer het kompas zijn.

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Flirting with the Crowds

[ Flirting with the Crowds]: Sami Viitamäki was early to come up with a very comprehensible model about Crowdsourcing: the FLIRT model. Read more on [ Carl’s post on Flirting with the Crowds].

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Lenige planning

De term ‘planning’ heeft behoorlijk verschillende betekenissen voor iedereen. Menig mens heeft er bijna een trauma aan overgehouden—met name van de strakke, dogmatische, volg-de-planning-of-ik-schiet-versie die met ijzeren hand gevolgd dient te worden.

Tijd dus om ‘planning’ nieuw leven in te blazen en te ontdoen van haar negatieve lading.

Voor mij betekent planning niets meer en niets minder dan:

”’Planning”’—Het aanbrengen van precies voldoende spanning om het geheel tegelijkertijd een constructieve richting te geven én voldoende vrije ruimte voor creativiteit en persoonlijke inbreng.

In Japan noemen ze dat [[|Hoshin Kanri]]—”’hoshin”’ betekent kompas en geeft richting; ”’kanri”’ betekent management of controle.

Dus een lange termijn visie gecombineerd met wendbaar ontwikkelen onder voortdurend voortschrijdend inzicht zodat je continu bij kunt sturen. Want zelfs de veranderingen veranderen.

Zodra je heldere afspraken maakt over het te volgen ”’proces”’, haar uitkomst in de vorm van een product en de ontwikkeling van beiden, kan je echt álles maken en past het geheel zich voortdurend aan veranderende omstandigheden aan.

Graaf dieper op [[|wat werkt wel]] en [[|risicoloos resultaat en rendement]].

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Telekommunisten – the worker-owned telephone company

Worker Owned and Operated

telekommunisten is controlled by it’s workers and committed to staying that way, we believe we can serve our customers best and at the lowest cost by remaining focused on meeting the needs of our employees and customers, not on profits for outside shareholders. Being worker-owned means that all the money you spend on our products goes directly to the maintenance and improvement of the service you receive.

Venture Communism

Venture Communism is a project to research, experiment with, and initiate social enterprises, particularly a rent-sharing based proposed form called a Venture Commune. The project also encourages dialogue and investigation of alternative economies and workers struggle against private property .

The goal is to promote understanding of the relationship between distribution of productive assets, political power and global exploitation and poverty and to investigate how worker-controlled enterprises can contribute to solving this problem, as well as to put such ideas into practise.

Several articles have been written and many on-line correspondences sent describing and discussing venture communism, as well as analyzing the nature of property generally.

Source: [[ Telekommunisten]]—”’The Revolution is Calling”’.

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SwarmOS Demonstrated at Idea Festival

[ SwarmOS Demonstrated at Idea Festival]: “PacoCheezdom writes ‘Intelligent Life has short summary of a demonstration by MIT professor James McLurkin of his new group-minded robots, which run an operating system called ‘Swarm OS’.

The robots are able to work together as a group not by communicating with all members of the group at once, but by talking only to their neighbors, and model other similar behaviors performed by bees and ants. ‘[ Read more of this story] at Slashdot.

(Via [ Slashdot].)

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A Simpler Way

A few quotes from Myron Kellner-Rogers that Liza Sitton-Taylor captured during her conversation with Myron:

*The only thing keeping us stuck is what we resist.
*We become what we ignore.
*Let go of defending against your neuroses.
*The cure for burnout is not rest but wholeheartedness.
*There’s no such thing as information overload, there’s just a meaning shortage.
*No learning happens when evaluation is present.

Another interesting thing is that the systems model Myron uses has 9 circles:
*The first set of three = systems, structures and processes.
*The second set of three = identity (who are we now?), relationships and information.
*The third set of three are: meaning, trust and action.

We would expect predictability from the first set, but this isn’t so because it really depends on the second and third sets. How does the system make meaning? It has to do with the identity and its relations with the environment. He also talked about how the self of the collective arises and is especially interested in how you access that collective self.

(Via [ NOTES from MSOD Alumni Conference] by Liza Sitton-Taylor).

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Quantum Theory of Trust

The power and kinds of social networks: [ Karen Stephenson] writes about it in [ Quantum Theory Of Trust].

[ Get the big picture of social networks]. Oh, and while we’re on trust and reputation, the [ Wizard, Rabbit and Treasurer] will be a good read as well I suppose.

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Briljante Programmeurs Netwerk

[ Sanne Roemen] en [ Daan Kortenbach] doen een oproep om een [ coöp van ”’briljante programmeurs”’] op te zetten. Wat mij betreft breiden ze dat uit naar ”’briljante ontwerpers, designers, architecten en projectleiders”’. En dan lekker agile aan de slag.

Als we dat nou eens naadloos kunnen samenvoegen met grote bedrijven op dit gebied. Een organisatievorm vinden waarbij beiden elkaar versterken. De ”’groten”’ zijn ”’zeldzaam, veerkrachtig, geworteld en enorm”’. De ”’eenpitters”’, tweepitters en gasstellen zijn met ”’velen, klein, wendbaar en innovatief”’. Hoe kunnen ze elkaar versterken?!

Hey Sanne, Daan, ”’Ik wil meedoen!”’ Gaan we in augsutus om de tafel om dit verder vorm te geven?

Mijn gedicht “[ Wanneer Dan]” vat het geheel samen.

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Crowdsourcing Directory

Just one day after my regestration at [[Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing]], Carl at [ Creative Crowds] tipped me on the [ Crowdsourcing Directory].

Uhmpf… awful lot of creative crowd work going on. A sheer infinite flurry of innovation sources. Howcome I only see this now? Wonderful! Diving into it because I will find the fertile ground where my, sometimes wild and big ideas, are valued and will flourish.

Thanks for the pointer Carl!

P.S. Appears that Carl sends email from the [ Innovation Factory]. Another interesting company that I only now discoverd.

P.S. 2 Seems they’re working hard to realize [ Creative Crowds] and [ Creative Capitals]

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Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing

[ Cambrian House, Home of Crowdsourcing]

[ Harry van der Velde] tipped me on [ Cambrian House] some time ago. What a wonderful [ holacratic] way of [[Totally Unique Thoughts|turning thoughts into things]]. Community-owned—so “[ Dee Hock]” in its chaorganization. So co-creative.

While preparing a proposal for [ Andarr] this morning, I decided to sign up. Looking forward to participation.